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    Food & Drink: Seniors

    At Seniors we believe in doing our best to make sure that each meal that you eat is consistent – in the quality of the fish and the size of the portion. All the fish is centrally prepared to a weighed portion size – and is skinned and boned for maximum enjoyment. Once in store it’s cooked by experienced Seniors fryers and staff who take pride in preparing only the best fish and chips.

    All Seniors fish is prepared by experienced Seniors fryers and staff who have a passion for producing only the best fish and chips, all fish is skinned and boned for maximum enjoyment. For anyone who is on a diet and conscious of counting calories, at Seniors you can also enjoy a grilled fish without batter.

    Our restaurants and take-aways have daily fresh fish specials and endeavour to vary free tasters daily to enable new species to be enjoyed by all seniors customers.

    The restaurants and take-aways use fish which is sourced sustainably and responsibly. Fish and Seafood lies at the heart of the 21st – century Fish and Chip shop Industry and Seniors The Fish Experience are proud to source their fish from only sustainable waters using sustainable fishing methods.

    At Seniors we have a small number of tried and tested suppliers for our fish. Smales are the number one choice for the UK’s Fish & Chip sector, and after celebrating 75 years in business they can’t be wrong!

    With customers’ requirements ever changing, we can rely on Fastnet to work closely with us and their worldwide buying network identifies the best solution for the fish not found in UK waters like scampi.

    At Seniors we also buy our fish from Sykes & Sons who import Seafood from all over the world.