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    Black Bear Computers is the new name for Black Box Computers and has an unrivalled reputation for being the No. 1 Computer Supply and Support Store in Lancaster. We are known to be competent, reliable and trustworthy as well as having more than 15 years local experience, during which we have evolved according to our customers’ needs. We are a small but dynamic company and are therefore very responsive to the rapidly changing ICT environment. We deliver our services by utilising our team of well informed, technically knowledgeable staff, combined with solid, old fashion and friendly, customer care. This enables you to have the latest equipment and excellent support services at the lowest possible cost, whatever your requirements might be.

    Currently we offer:

    • Laptops – choose from a range of our Asus laptops
    • Desktops (branded or built to your specification)
    • Monthly Special Offers
    • Repairs and Upgrades
    • Computers Accessories
    • Apple Computer Repair
    • Consoles and Phone Repairs
    • Competitive Home Servicing
    • Advanced Business Services