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    Stop Smoking: Becks E-Cigs

    Beck’s E-Cig is a family run ltd company which was founded back in 2012. From our humble beginnings on Preston market to now having three town centre shops in Preston, Lancaster and Chorley we have been working hard to find the very best quality and value electronic cigarettes and we have since streamlined our impressive and worldwide supply process with reputable and reliable manufacturers and retailers.
    We supply only the very best products from approved manufacturers who use superior quality materials throughout our range. From the casing, mechanisms and batteries, the quality will ensure you get the best use from all of our products.
    All our product range of e-cigarettes, liquids and accessories are thoroughly tested before going to market, ensuring the electronic smoking experience is the best it can be with our products.
    We want to provide you, the customer, with the best vaping experience possible and as such our products have been tested thoroughly and are certificated by numerous internationally recognized regulatory bodies and safety organisations, including European MSGS,CE Certification and RoHS Certification.
    Our manufacturer uses DOW’s PG which is imported from the USA. This PG (Propylene Glycol) is of a pharmaceutical grade which means that it has no DEG in it.
    Our supplier develops its e-liquid naturally from tobacco plants. E-liquid is significantly better quality when it has been extracted from tobacco than when it is synthetically produced, therefore our supplier has developed a 10 acre tobacco extraction factory in one of the largest tobacco plant growing areas which after many years of research has allowed them to produce the finest e-liquid and as a result forming the best electronic cigarette.