Client Testimonials for Voucher Packs
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  • Merry Maids Blackpool & Preston

    I have used Voucher Packs to distribute our own leaflets to specific customer areas repeatedly over many years.

    We always keep an accurate record of where our new business comes from and this shows that our investment in marketing through Voucher Packs has paid for itself many times over.

    The service is 100% reliable and I would not hesitate to recommend Voucher Packs to other businesses looking to increase their customer base.

    Blackpool Transport

    We have worked with Voucher Packs for a number of years and are always very pleased with the excellent service they have provided.

    Everyone is so helpful and their customer service is first class. All the printing work they have supplied us with has been of a very high standard and work is turned round at a very good rate.

    Quicksave Motorist Centres

    We have been using Voucher Packs for 3 years and after 30 years in the business I have never used anything to promote my business that works as well.

    We change the offer every month based on the season and any offers we have.I continually measure response and get a good return on my investment every month. Voucher Packs gets results you can measure.


    Blackpool Windows

    We have been using Voucher Packs in the Blackpool area for more than four years and are able to measure the success we have.

    I know when the packs have gone out because we start getting phone calls straight away.

    We don’t use anybody else for our advertising because Voucher Packs really works. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t use it.

    Fylde Electrical & Building Services

    My company now reaches 10,000 properties per month, giving me brand awareness locally and allowing me to reach a greater audience than my previous sales pitch – word of mouth!

    I comfortably recoup my investment month on month and hope to continue our relationship for the foreseeable future.

    Cliffs Hotel and Leisure Club

    Our annual campaign was more than paid for by the first mailing! We have been using Voucher Packs for 7 years and get great results. – We know it works.

    Blacktax Taxis

    Voucher Packs is the main marketing we use because we know it works, every month each area we mail brings 100’s of redemptions.


    Our national advertising brings about 3% response. Voucher Packs has brought results of over 17%. I know when the packs have been delivered because there is a queue outside the shop on a Monday night! Voucher Packs is the Best local store marketing we have ever done.

    Gas Water Heating Ltd

    The comparable costs per customer (generated) is cheaper than local press.

    Foxes Garage

    We have tried advertising in the local paper and it doesn’t work for us. We have done 3 mailings and they have worked brilliantly the repeat business is tremendous.

    Beckett’s Chartered Accountants

    I can boast 5 enquiries in the first 3 days, all of which have turned into business!

    Hilton Hotels

    Very pleased with the response. We can work out the net profit from each mailing.


    The campaign financed itself in a month! 8 weeks into my campaign I have been getting 10 enquiries a week.


    The response we get from Voucher Packs is stunning, 258 voucher returns from a recent campaign with an average customer spend of £50. Response has built up over time and the better offers get a much better result.

    Imperial Hotel

    We like Voucher Packs because you can measure response and know it pays for itself. We mainly use it to promote food and beverage offers but have recently promoted the Leisure club effectively and last year we obtained 3 weddings from pack promotion.

    J B Howard & Son Ltd

    We were unsure what kind of marketing campaign we wanted to run when we met with Dave.

    His knowledge and advice proved invaluable and made the process of our marketing campaign straight forward and painless. The artwork is of a very high quality and working with Voucherpacks has proved to be a highly cost effective and efficient way to advertise our business and build our brand awareness within the private domestic sector.

    In these days of tough and competitive economic survival I would wholeheartedly recommend Voucherpacks to any size or type of business as a crucial and effective marketing tool.

    Thank you Dave.

    J B Howard & Son Ltd.

    Halls Food Group

    Dave at Voucherpacks has kept in touch with the business for over three years, and Voucherpacks was something we felt may work for us but it was not our main focus.

    It’s fair to say that we were also a bit sceptical about any success with ‘Vouchers’.

    Since we introduced Voucherpacks in March 2012 we have seen an immediate positive impact on transactions and in turn sales.  It has encouraged new customers to visit the shops and more importantly return at a later date.

    Voucherpacks is something that we will definitely continue to support into the future and is something that we potentially should have adopted a lot sooner.

    No77 Creative Hair

    We are a new business and Voucherpacks is a great way of getting new customers.

    Yellow Cabs

    We have been with Voucher packs now for over 12 months. Pound for pound it is cheaper than going to the local press. The customers love it, and always ask when the next one out. We like it because we know its hitting our area and not hit and miss like other advertising.

    The Beauty Rooms

    We can always tell when the packs are going out , as the phone gets busier.