As a business Voucher Packs relies on the Royal Mail. Guest blogger and managing director ANDREW WAREING gives his thoughts on the impending privatisation.

I have been asked many times in the last couple of days for my thoughts on the planned privatisation of Royal Mail and what it will mean for my business, but I really think it’s more important to give my views on what it will mean for every single customer of Royal Mail.

I have yet to see a privatisation of a British institution where the customer wasn’t the main casualty. Yes, those shareholders who took advantage of the share offerings in telecoms and gas have made handsome profits, but how we lament the price rises that have come with private ownership.

Market forces should drive prices but let’s not forget that Royal Mail is a service as well as a business. Pressure on rural deliveries and less economical routes will unavoidably mean something has to give.

Will there will be strikes? Probably. Will this solve anything? Possibly not. But the dear old customer will be expected to grin and bear it.

There will be operational changes and I am not suggesting that these are unnecessary, but I am certain they could be achieved without privatisation. The impact for Royal Mail’s 150,000 employees will be considerable. Salaries, hours, working practices and pensions will all come under review. But it’s also hard to swallow for customers who use the service and are concerned about how the changes will affect them.

As a business we rely on Royal Mail as still the most effective way to deliver to households up and down the country six days a week. The sight of our postmen and women, many in shorts even in December is a warming one – but for how long?